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Citation Guide

Oral histories come in various forms, both published and unpublished, stored physically or digitally, such as transcripts, CD-ROMs, cassettes, and digital files. This diversity can pose challenges in citation creation. To ensure clarity for readers, it is key to provide enough information for a reader to easily locate the material you used. This entails specifying details such as the title (if any), interviewee, interviewer, recording date, owner/publisher or repository information, format, and, if applicable, the URL for digital resources.

Please use the following examples to guide you as you create your own citations:

Interviewee Last Name, First Name. “Title of Interview (if applicable).” Interviewed by Interviewer First Name Last Name. Day Month Year of Interview. Format. Repository or Publisher Name, Repository Location. URL (if applicable). Accessed Day Month Year of Access (if digital).


Amin, Mohammad. Interviewed by Camron Amin. 28 May 2016. Digital Video. Michigan Iranian American Oral History Project, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn, MI. Accessed 1 January 2024.