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Zoreh Raein

About this Interview

Ms. Zoreh Raein was interviewed by Camron Michael Amin at her home in West Bloomfield on April 13th, 2017.  Her career as a librarian in Iran, Michigan, and in Qatar was part of rich of array of transnational experiences in the wake of the revoution of 1979.  She also provides a window on the local Iranian American community's efforts to create and support durable cultural organization in  Southeast Michigan.

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Development Notes

Additional Resources


Facebook Page for the Central Virginia Iranian American Society

Facebook Page for the Iranian-American Community Center (Vienna, VA)

For Further Reading

Moghadam, Amin. "The Making of a Cosmo-Nationalistic Trajectory: Iranian Cultural Entrepreneurs in Tehran and Dubai."  Journal of Arabian Studies, 11:2 (2023):  243-261, DOI: 10.1080/21534764.2021.2198648.

Note:  Ms Raein's father, Isma'il Ra'in (1918/19 - December 31st, 1979), was noted Iranian journalist and historian during the Pahlavi period.  Many of his works in Persian can be found in reseach libraries around the world. Information on Isma'il Ra'in's work is available on Worldcat.