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Gloria Amin

About this Interview

Gloria Amin was interviewed by her son, Camron Michael Amin, in the course of several Zoom sessions in 2022 and 2023.  She discusses her life growing in Chicago, marrying into an Iranian family, moving to Iran in the 1970s and witnessing the early stages of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.  She also discusses the aftermath of the revolution and challenges of returning to life in the Chicago area.  She discusses her life working in Iran and the challenges of re-establishing her career in the US after the revolution.  An interview with her husband, Mohammad Amin, is available in the MIAOHP collection (Link).

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Development Notes

Correspondence of Gloria Amin: 1975 - 1978

While living in Iran with her family, Gloria Amin wrote many letters to her friend, Penny Lopez, who lived in Illinois.

To view a digitized letter in full:

  1. Select a letter from the list below by clicking its thumnail image or title to open the catalog record for that individual letter.
  2. Once on the catalog page, click the link in the "Media" text field.
  3. From the "Media" page, click the image of the document to open the full PDF.





For Further Reading

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