unprecedented: a campus community reflects on life in pandemic

Even in the worst of times, the human spirit prevails. As we moved through the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many were able to look beyond the immediate and unimaginable circumstances to express their versions of hope knowing this too shall pass.

Messages of hope shared throughout our extended community.

The steps climbed to pass, Layal Mallah
We Will Beat This, Josh Palmer


by Matt Falconer

a sickness unobstructed spouts
into the air from nose and mouth
and so we must take up the task
to guard our breathing with a mask

a cloth through which to take our air
is not a reason to despair
only an armor we must wield
to keep our coughs and sneezes sealed

and once your mask is in its place
your worries fall right off your face
the moment that you realize
your smile sneaks out through your eyes

Spending time outside became one of the few available activities as indoor gathering places closed their doors. Nature and the promise of new beginnings provided much needed forward-looking energy

The Promise of Spring, Brenda Whitehead
God's fragrant breeze, Sandy Iacoban

As the pandemic brought to light inequalities and other societal concerns, our community expressed the desire for a different and better post-pandemic world

"I guess I hope that we all, right now, take this as an opportunity...to try to be creative about how better to come about having a just world and an equitable society."

Carla Vecchiola, Lecturer IV in History; Director, Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources

"Finally, I want to conclude this letter by reminding you of a few things, in case it continues to not be over in your time. You should try to find joy in the smallest things that happen. Big joys are proving to be rare and frankly not worth the wait. So, embrace the small joys to the brim. Also, I hope that you have found a way to surpass the barriers your anxiety keeps stubbornly building. I am keeping it my motto for now that “all things shall pass.” In the past, this was somewhat depressing to me, since it means nothing good will last. In bad times, it is the only comfort. I hope you are looking back at this as some mere bad moments that were and not life itself."

Excerpt from Dear Future Me by Zeena Whayeb

"I don't know what the future's gonna hold…I think things are going to be very different going forward. And I hope we just as a society, as a country, as a world learn how to kind of navigate it and make the most of it and kind of emphasize the positives..."

Jamie Wraight, Director, The Voice/Vision Archive; Lecturer IV in History

untitled, Jamie Wraight
untitled, Jamie Wraight